Why Midoriya can beat Shigaraki

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Now, just to clarify, I’m not saying that Midoriya can easily subdue Shigaraki. Although Midorya has improved a great deal throughout the series, he still has a long way to go before he’s ready to fight, and if need be, kill Shigaraki. Of course, both men have pushed their bodies to the limit, in order to achieve their goals, Midoriya more than Shigaraki. Then again, we haven’t really seen much action of the league of villains when they’re not attacking UA. But the question is, from the two of them, does Shigaraki really have what it takes right now to defeat Midoriya?

Firstly, in recent chapters, it has been revealed that Midoriya is now able to tap into the power of all the previous users of One for All. He’s already been able to tap into one of them, Black whip, with the addition of now being able to use, at max, 20% of his power. Shigaraki, at the moment, only has his one quirk, Decay. As dangerous as it would be if Midoriya came into contact with him, he is able to release long rang attacks that do deal a certain amount of damage, or at least enough to put Shigaraki in a really troublesome situation. But having a few more years of experience, Shigaraki would find a way to deal with it, although he has been known to throw tantrums if the situation wasn’t in his favour.

Secondly, in terms of combat experience, both have more than enough skill to deal with any run of the mill hero/villain. Having both faced their fair share of life and death situations. In terms of manoeuvrability, speed, and, Midoriya seems to have more than enough to be able to gain the upper hand against Shigaraki, with the help of One For All. Shigaraki is strong, even though his body seems a bit weak. But against One for All, which enhances the user’s strength and speed, Shigaraki would definitely have a problem dealing with Midoriya at the current level of power he is able to use right now.

Thirdly, when it comes too keeping a level head in the heat of battle, Midoriya has Shigaraki beat. Of course, when the chips are down, it all comes down to endurance, but if either of them lets their rage or fear get the better of them, then one of them will lose. Sometimes Midoriya overthinks situations, which get him beat up, depending on how string his opponent is, like in his fight with Muscular, who was just too string and fast to subdue. Sometimes Shigaraki lets his anger get the better of him when his plans don’t go as planned, being a man-child, as seen in his first fight with UA and later on when the pro heroes raid the leagues hideout. Both have their drawbacks, but the more calm, logical approach is much more efficient in defeating the enemy, as well as preserving your own and the life of those around you.

Sooner or later, both Midoriya and Shigaraki will duke it out, not sure when. It’s still not clear just how strong Shigaraki will become now that he has some help from the Doctor, but just as he gets stronger, overtime, so too will Midoriya, as he learns to truly master One for All and all the quirks that come with it, and when that time comes, who knows which of the two will be stronger.

Why One For All Should be disposed of

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Now…it’s a fact that with each user, over time, One for All gets stronger. But by how much? That is still a mystery, but it should be obvious that as time goes by, One For All will become powerful, too powerful for just anyone to possess, considering the amount of power the user will posses and what he/she could do with that power, If they were to turn evil. Which is why it should be worth considering the disposal of OFA, especially if a force as equally dangerous, like All for One, were to disappear for good.

Firstly, power of that magnitude can benefit the whole of mankind, should the user strive to preserve the peace and bring about justice to society. But One for All’s power, should it ever be possessed by someone who strayed from the path of good, could be used to destroy everything and everyone. Yes, mastering One For All isn’t an easy accomplishment, but it’s not impossible. All it takes Is time.

Secondly, the quirk itself, depending on each user, may become too powerful to use. Just as how Midoriya continuously wrecked his body every time he used it, even if it was something as simple as using his fingers to launch an attack, it still caused damage. Even if one were to increase their physical strength to the point where they were as strong as All Might, it’s still unclear whether the amount of power All Might or Midoriya were able to exert at 5% or 10%, will be the same as when another user wields that power In the future.

Thirdly, should anyone ever find out that One for All is something you can pass on, then many would attempt to try and obtain it for themselves, villains who would all come out of hiding, powerful organizations looking to affirm their dominance over society, just so they could get their hands on it, even if it meant putting innocent lives at stake. There’s no telling just how people will react, friends and foe alike, and the kind of danger that the user’s families could be in, should anyone ever discover the truth.

One for All isn’t a quirk that can be handed down to just anybody. It’s a quirk that should only be passed down to those willing to sacrifice everything, including themselves, in order to uphold the law and bring about a better society.

How is the Doctor able to bestow quirks onto the Nomu without All For One???

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Now I’ve been wondering this for quite some time, and I’ve come up with a few answers. Now we know The Doctor is one of All for One’s most trusted allies, and has worked side-by-side with him in the development of the Nomu’s for a very long time in secret, but that was before AFO got captured. But that hasn’t stopped The Doctor from carrying on his experiments, but the question is how?

Firstly, it may be a possibility that All for One and the Doctor had come up with a way to transfer quirks by harvesting the DNA of the quirk user and through some process, transfer the quirk over to the user. Just like how Eri was experimented on to harvest her DNA so the quirk destroying drug could be created, along with the antidote. The same process could’ve been used to transfer quirks as well. Although It’s still unclear by what method is done to create the drug, the methods may very well be a slow and painful process, that would definitely leave some lifelong scars on the victim

Secondly, maybe, to be able to transfer quirks onto others, it’s possible that the Doctor had been able to grant the nomu quirks through transmutation, the act of changing one state of being into an entirely different form. Now the process would obviously reap disastrous results. Just by looking at the Nomu, who were once human, turn into absolute monsters, we have a clear picture of how awful these experiments can be. Again, transmutation is just one theory that can’t be fully proven at this moment, neither is it known just what technology has been used to carry out such experiments.

Thirdly, maybe the Doctor has been using some sort of technology that he and The Doctor created together to be able to manipulate people’s quirks and transfer them from one to another and probably more. But the only way that the process could be achieved is if they used All for One’s DNA, since he is the one and only person in the entire world who is able to take, store, and bestow quirks onto anyone. Although the likelihood of being able to pass All for One onto one other person sounds impossible, there’s a possibility that his DNA might be of some use in the matter.

Even if All for One is out of the picture, his experiments with the doctor still carry on without a hitch. Although we still don’t know much about the Doctor or his experiments. Regardless, the results are really amazing but horrifying, and I have a feeling that it’s only going to get darker the more we dig deeper into the story.

The league of villains can’t defeat the Liberation Army???

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Now for Today’s post. I’m going to be looking at the Liberation Army and their “declaration of war” on the league of villains in the latest chapters of the manga. The Liberation army is dead set on bringing about a revolution and they refuse to be outshined or have their plans spoiled by the league and their nefarious activities. The league as it currently is doesn’t have a chance of winning, why?

Well Firstly, The Liberation Army has been building up their organization for many generations up till the current storyline, with exactly 116,516 soldiers enlisted. Now, sometimes numbers aren’t everything, but at the moment, the league lacks a base of operations, much less a roof over their heads, teamwork and a good leader with a plan. Shigaraki is just beginning to learn what it means to lead, but when compared to the liberation army, and the many years of effort they’ve put into making themselves so powerful, he is greatly lacking in skills, experience and influence to cause a lot of damage.

Secondly, The Liberation army had also spent many years building up a strong presence in society. Not only are they well connected politically, but they have the love and support of the common people, as compared to the league who have little to no outside connections that they could rely on for help upon a moment’s notice. Not to mention the fact that just about everyone, villains and heroes alike want to see the league gone for good. Now obviously thee league doesn’t care about gaining favour with civilians, but there’s definitely an advantage to be had by allying yourself with very powerful individuals, and the people that follow them.

Thirdly, having built up their businesses from the ground up into Companies that probably generate a huge amount of income, you can bet that the Liberation Army has more than enough money to spend on whatever they want, whether it’s money to buy more weapons or funding for whatever activities they believe will help them achieve their goals, there’s probably no shortage of anything in their organization.

Although it’s still a little too early in the fight to make any conclusions on who’s the better of the two. Even though Shigaraki has a plan to escape the Liberation Army’s grasp, it’s hard to say just how he’s going to win in the end. Either way, the league won’t fall so soon, not when there’s still so much that we barely know of them, not when we haven’t gotten the chance to see the league at it’s fullest potential. There is still hope for Shigaraki and the rest of the league to turn the tide of battle, but how that’s going to happen? Well we’ll just have to wait and find out in the next few chapters.

Why Shigaraki will surpass All for One

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For starters, it’s a known fact, it was even stated by All for One himself, that Shigaraki has a lot of potential within him, so much so, that given the amount of time and training, he would one day be able to surpass All for One. Now it’s hard to imagine Shigaraki being better than AFO, especially since he has many years of experience, power, intelligence and combat experience, over Shigaraki. Either way, I’m going to break down three points as to why Shigaraki is going to surpass All for One.

Firstly, it’s possible that All For One has prepared numerous quirks to be passed on to Shigaraki, powerful quirks that he couldn’t possess himself at the time. Now, it’s unclear just what limit All For One had with regards to the number of quirks he could keep within himself. It may even be possible that as he got older, the backlash of having all those quirks in his body probably took a toll on him. If that’s the case, then it is possible, with the help of the doctor, that he has left a few quirks that should be entrusted to Shigaraki once he’s ready.

Keep in mind that later in the chapters, the doctor used a quirk called warping, that produces a black liquid that acts as a portal, similar to Kurogiri’s warp gate. That same quirk was previously used by AFO at Kamino ward to help Shigaraki and the rest of the villains escape the heroes after the raid on their hideout. Now it’s not sure how the Doctor was able to gain possession of that quirk before AFOs arrest, or how he’s able to implant even more quirks onto the Nomu, but whatever the case is, it’s possible that Shigaraki will also gain a variety of quirks for himself.

Secondly, the fact that Shigaraki is young, and has Gigantomachia and the doctor to advise him, compared to All for One who built up his empire through his own power and intellect. With two experienced people by his side, and an arsenal of Nomu and villains who are willing to follow him, it won’t take Shigaraki a long time to get stronger, as well as obtain the knowledge and skills needed to lead his own empire of villains.

Thirdly, Shigaraki is much more twisted and determined to achieve his goals. Although his aspirations are crazy, like wanting to destroy everyone and everything that gets in his way, as well as the society that All Might once protected. Despite how fickle he can be emotionally, he takes risk. He’s willing to put himself out there to get what he wants, as well as protect his allies, as seen in the later chapters of the manga, as compared to his character in the beginning of the series, were he was a lot more arrogant, childish and reckless.

Despite all he’s been through, I think that All for One getting locked up, leaving Shigaraki to his own devices, will really help him grow. Obviously no one, besides Horikoshi, knows exactly just what will become of Shigaraki in the future, but it’s a high possibility that he’s going to be a real problem to deal with in the near future.

Deku will meet Nana Shimura

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Now it’s no surprise, having met with the first and one of the previous users of One for All, he’s bound to meet Nana Shimura in the near future. But in my opinion, their meeting is going to be just as significant as Midoriya meeting the first user of One for All and learning a bit more about the past and especially about All for One. But what would the focus of their conversation be?

First, Nana Shimura will tell the truth about her family. After all the trouble that Midoriya has gone through with the league, especially Shigaraki, it is possible that Nana Shimura will enlighten him on just what exactly happened to her entire family, because right now, there is not a single one of Shigaraki’s relatives that are alive, as far as we know, and we don’t know why. Yes, in the latest chapters, it was revealed that Shigaraki killed his mom, dad and every other person that was there that tragic day.

Second, Nana Shimura will teach him how to use her quirk. Now, besides, All Might, Midoriya and the first user of One for All, everyone else had a quirk. Now, what you have to know is that each Quirk is tied to a specific desire, and the more intense the emotion, the more likely Midoriya will lose control and hurt himself…again. When exactly she will appear is still unknown, obviously, but it will definitely be something that’ll come in handy in future battles.

Third, it’s a possibility, that in Midoriya’s darkest moment, where he starts doubting himself and his ability to be a hero, Nana Shimura will appear to remind him exactly what it means to be a hero. Now, assuming that All Might dies, and Midoriya goes into a deep stare of depression. Just like how she mentored and raised All Might, she will do the same for MIdoriya. A side note, if All Might dies, it’s possible that he will make an appearance at the end of the series, obviously in spirit form, since every user of OFA has and always will reside within OFA.

Now with the way the story is progressing, it’s going to take a while before we are introduced to the rest of the previous users of One for All. It’s unclear just what impact Nana Shimura will have on him, but as someone who mentored the Symbol of Peace, All Might, I’m sure that she will have a lot to teach Midoriya.

What Happened to Best Jeanist???

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Now…after battling it out against the Nomu and All for One in the Kamino ward incident, we haven’t seen Best Jeanist in action lately. He as however moved up from No.4 to the No.3 pro hero in Japan for his participation in the Kamino ward Hideout Raid, but he was not there officially to attend the event. It was mentioned that he would be taking a break from his hero duties for an extended amount of time, why is still unknown.

First, it may be possible that, after the battle with All for One, he sustained serous damage to his internal organs that have yet to recover. Remember, All for One used one of his quirks, Air Cannon, and literally blew a hole right in his gut, blood spurting out. Now, I’m not sure just how long it would take for anyone to recovery from that sort of injury, but it is possible that Recovery girl helped speed up the healing process, but only to a certain extent. It was never mentioned in the manga so far that he was still hospitalised, or whether or not he sustained any long-lasting injuries, but it is possible that his ability to carry out his normal hero duties have been affected somehow, which is why he needed to take a break from the action.

Second, it’s a possibility that he might have lost the resolve to carry out his normal hero duties out of fear of dying. Remember, All for One, has always been on a whole different level than anyone in the entire series, as far as we know. At that point in time, Best Jeanist was definitely afraid of All For One. Regardless, he tried his best to hold him back, but failed, and suffered severe damage. It is possible that after he woke up in hospital and recovered, he had a hard time coming to grips with how close he was to dying. As someone who was ranked no.4 at the time of the Kamino ward incident, you can be sure that he’s dealt with a lot of strong and dangerous villains in unsurmountable situations, but none of them however could have compared to All for One. The shock could’ve most likely caused him to have a mental breakdown, that he hasn’t gotten over yet, that is causing him to lose focus at work. And if he loses focus, he would be endangering himself and the lives of everyone he’s supposed to protect.

Third, it’s possible that he’s decided to step away form his hero duties because he wants to train in order to get stronger. Moving up the ranks from No.4 to No. 3, you can be sure that a lot is expected of him. The battle against All for One was proof enough that there are still enemies out there that are more than enough to take down the top ranked heroes. Now I’m not entirely sure just what sort of training he would undergo, but if the heroes are going to have a chance to fight off the league of villains and, the all new, Liberation army, then they’re going to need a lot more firepower.

It’s hard to say when, and I’m not entirely sure just when he’ll be brought back into the story. Regardless, he is one of the top 10 ranked heroes in all of Japan. Not only that but he is definitely a hero who would go the distance to protect the lives of everyone around him, regardless of how strong the enemy is, and we will definitely see him again in the near future.

Why Eri may be the next Recovery Girl

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I apologize that this post wasn’t uploaded around the normal time, I will try better to keep up with the exact dates. Now from the title above, you can guess who I’m gong to be talking about and why she has the potential to be the next recovery girl after she passes away, maybe even better than Recovery Girl. Although Eri is still just a child, she has great potential to become someone greater than Recovery Girl, given the experience she gains overtime.

First, what you need to know is that her quirk, Rewind, allows her to basically rewind a person’s body to a previous state. Now, the extent of her power is so great, that she can rewind someone’s body to a point before they existed, which she accidently did to her father, unfortunately. Now with powers like that, it is very possible to fix a person’s broken arms and legs, possibly repair severed limbs, and maybe, with great concentration and experience, return or remove a person’s quirk at will. Now it’s unclear what the extent of her full power is, and neither do we know the side effects of overusing such a powerful quirk.

Secondly, because of the way her quirk functions, it makes sense that she would take on a supportive role instead of being on the front line of action. Even though her quirk is very suitable for rendering all damage null and void, it wouldn’t be very efficient in dealing with villains that are fast, strong, agile, stealthy, etc. Now there are pro heroes that are plenty strong and fast, but that’s only because their quirks are suitable for combat than support.

Thirdly, it’s very doubtful that she would train to become the usual pro hero that fights villains. Mainly because she’s not the type to hurt or kill anyone. For someone like Eri, who’s shy, timid and non-violent, there’s no way that she would dedicate her life to fighting crime, her personality just wouldn’t suite the profession. Although she’s growing up being surrounded by good role models like Mirio, Midoiya, Aizawa and the rest of the UA students that have met her, people who can teach her how to fight, in the long run, she just wouldn’t cope with the risks involved in dealing with life and death situations.

Even though we don’t know the full extent of her quirk, it’s fair to say that when she does learn to use her quirk more efficiently, she will definitely be an invaluable member of UA Academy and society.

Why Quirk Counselling doesn’t work?

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Now…it’s not talked about a lot in the anime, only very briefly. When kids get their quirks, they’re happy and excited. But there will be a few children here and there who believe that they’re somehow better, but that’s only the case if the child in question has a powerful or unique quirk. We’ve seen that sort of superiority complex in Bakugou at the beginning of the series, as well as in the kindergarteners in the Remedial Course Arc which featured Bakugou, Todoroki from UA Academy, and Inasa and Cammie from Shinketsu High. Despite having gone through counselling to better understand themselves and what it means to have a quirk, sometimes, it’s still not enough.

First, counselling doesn’t work when there are external factors that repeatedly conflict with what children learn inside of class. Just like it’s very detrimental to a child’s upbringing to grow up in a bad environment, it’s also bad for a child in a humble environment to grow up around the idea that it’s completely okay to dominate others that aren’t as powerful as you, like in Bakugou’s case where he constantly bullied Izuku for being quirkless.

Second, it’s unclear just how a child will grow up when faced with unfortunate situations that no one saw coming. Losing someone you love can put a person in a very vulnerable state, leaving them wide open to be influenced by someone for good or for worse. Sometimes it’s not a particular person, it’s just that they’re so wrapped up in their negativity to understand life rationally. With no one there to keep them grounded, or stir them away from the wrong path, kids would eventually go down a very dark path, As in Touya Todoroki’s case, who ran away from home, and Shigaraki’s case where, during a very dark moment life where he lost his family, and All For One came in and influenced him to become the villain that he is today.

Third reason is peer pressure. Any person with a strange quirk will be ostracized or treated differently, just like Shinso in junior high for his brainwashing quirk, or Spinner from the league of villains who was judged for his lizard appearance while he was growing up in the boonies. Any child that grows up being told that they don’t fit will find some way to escape that pain of being rejected by everyone around them, and sometimes this can lead them down a very dark path of depression, social anxiety, drugs or the worst-case scenario, suicide. Yes, there are still kids that grow up learning to deal with all the pressure and go on to live normal lives, but there are kids who end up having their lives ruined.

It’s definitely important for kids to go through quirk counselling so they won’t grow up to have a man-child complex, and pass that on to their children as well as become a nuisance to society. No doubt that the way you act around kids does play an important part in their development but it’s also important for teachers and parents to be there for those kids during stressful times as support. Kids have potential, quirkless or no, all of them need some love and guidance to grow into amazing heroes.

Why did Shigaraki kill his family???

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Now…having read the latest chapter of BNHA, I gotta say that I’m excited. Finally, after so long, we get aa look at Shigaraki’s past, and it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. A truly sad story that has left many in the fandom heartbroken. With what’s happened in the past, we can now understand why he has those hands around him, and why he’s so mentally unstable, but this post isn’t going to be discussing those topics.

To clarify, Shigaraki is unable to remember those crucial moments before and after his parent’s death. His memory has been fragmented, unable to recall the life he had as a child before everything turned upside down. Now just before those dark moments, it’s been stated by the doctor that Shigaraki suddenly awakened a mutation-type quirk that no one knew about, which must have stirred up a lot of attention, and was handled very poorly. Now it’s unclear just what relationship he had with his family, but from the memories we’ve seen, it appears that he had quite a big family, with their own pet dog. But for reasons unknown, he killed them all. Why?

Firstly, there is a chance that his family abused him in some way. After suddenly getting his quirk, which was very dangerous, his family could have started to treat him very differently, and over time, his family might have crossed the line and attempted something unspeakable but it backfired on them and Shigaraki killed them in self-defence. Keep in mind that this is all just a theory.

Second, it is possible that upon gaining his new quirk, he unintentionally killed them when they were all trying to help him and made the mistake of getting to close to him without understanding his quirk. Now no person in their right mind would let themselves be killed by a child, even if he might have a deadly quirk. Perhaps there’s more to it then that. Even if accidently killed one member of his family with his quirk, the rest of them might not fall for the same attack, regardless of whether you’re quirkless or not. There are still a few loopholes in this theory, but it’s not impossible to think that his family was foolish enough to risk their lives to help him. Feel free to disprove this theory.

Third, and the most likely scenario, it’s possible that All for One had been behind the whole tragedy, or more or less, orchestrated the whole tragedy. How did All for One know where to find Shigaraki and rescue him? Why didn’t All for One just steal Shigaraki’s quirk after he saved him? And what potential could he have seen in little Shigaraki that warranted him sparing his life in order to groom him to handle the reigns after AFO’s rule was over? Whatever the case is, AFO didn’t pick up little Shigaraki because he was feeling sorry for him. For all the lives his taken, it would be stupid to assume that AFO had any sympathy for anyone, especially a child. Whatever plans AFO had, he Shigarkai was probably a part of it before he killed his family.

In any case, until Shigaraki regains all of his memories back which is probably going to be a long time from now, we won’t know exactly what went down in Shigaraki’s family, before and after their demise. Maybe it was all just a freak accident, or maybe it was all planned out by All for one himself. Whatever the case, Shigaraki will always bear the guilt and pain of killing his family, along with a lot of pain and anguish from not remembering who he was before everything went sour. it’s hard to imagine a happy ending for him at the end of the series, but hopefully, things to get a little brighter for him somewhere down the line.