How did All for One survive???

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Half way through the week and I hope you’re all doing good. And for today’s blog post! I want to talk about All for One, specifically how he survived getting his head smashed into the ground by All Might. Now unless he’s a cockroach, then it’s impossible for any living organism, as far as I know, to survive without a head. And last I checked, All for One isn’t a cockroach, and it’s almost impossible to reassemble a brain after it’s been squashed to mush. So just how did he survive??

First theory is that it is possible that he might have had a quirk that allowed him to stay alive long enough after his vital organs have been destroyed, to be able to regenerate. Now bear in mind that it is possible…unless you have a healing factor like Deadpool. And since All For One is a huge quirk fanatic, mostly going after powerful and scalable quirks, it’s possible that he had a quirk stashed away at the time that helped him stay alive long after his head was crushed, long enough till he could’ve healed himself to a certain point or that his allies were able to save him in time, which brings me to the next point.

Second Theory, it’s possible that he was brought back to life by somebody else, specifically his allies. Just to be clear, NOW, in this scenario it is possible that his comrades had used someone else’s quirk to heal his head to some degree. Under any circumstance, this isn’t possible. At all. Obviously, if your brain is completely crushed, then you’re dead, there’s no working your way around that. At the time, before his defeat however, All for One had many comrades in the underworld as well a few loyal subordinates that could’ve saved his life as soon as the coast was clear.

Thirdly, he could’ve most probably had some help from the Doctor. Now for many of you who don’t know, the Doctor is one of All For One’s comrades, the two of them having worked together from the time they’ve met (which is still unknown) up till the present moment. As of now, no one knows who the doctor exactly is, but many suggest that he is the same doctor who we’ve met in season one who diagnosed Midoriya to be quirkless. At some point in time after All for Ones battle with All Might, it is possible that he might have had a hand in All Might’s recovery, in fact I’d bet good money that it’s because of him that All for One is even alive in the first place.

The fact remains that All for One’s survival is definitely a special case. NO ONE, can come back to life after having their skull crushed into the dirt. UNLESS we haven’t exactly gotten the full story of their battle. Either way, how and why All for one is still breathing will definitely be answered in the near future of the series.


Why Shinso wasn’t accepted into the hero course

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Another topic I’ve been meaning to talk about is on one of the most beloved characters from the series, Shinso Hitoshi, and why he couldn’t get into the hero course. Now, for those of you who don’t know yet, *Spoiler*, in recent chapters it has been confirmed that he will join the hero course from his second year and onwards. So, what’s changed? Why is it that he wasn’t allowed in the first time?

Firstly, his quirk is not powerful, at all. Now I know that there are some students, without powerful quirks, such as Monoma, Mineta and Uraraka, who got in, despite not having an offensive type of quirk, that’s a fact. But in terms of offensive and defensive capabilities, his brainwashing quirk might not work on villains who are much faster, stronger or just plain mute. And you have to bear in mind that he can’t always get his opponent to talk first and neither can he ensure that they would stay under the power of his quirk. In midoriya’s case, with the help of his quirk, he was able to snap himself back to a conscious state. In a one-on-one battle he might have a chance, but against a large group of enemies, not so much.

Secondly, he did not meet the requirements of the entrance exam. Despite his quirk, he’s physical strength is average. Unlike Midoriya, and many others who spent months training their body, he wasn’t prepared for the physical examination as much as he was the written exam. In any situation where you have to deal with a villain, you have to be physically and mentally ready to deal with the situation. Shinso, like many others who failed to meet the requirements to get into the hero course, made the mistake of thinking that his quirk would be enough to get them in, not taking into account the basics such as strategy, critical thinking, endurance, and many other factors.

Thirdly, what he lacked at the time was determination that most students in the hero course already had. Now, you don’t necessarily have to have an ultimate goal to be admitted into the hero course, as in Mineta’s case where his primary goal in the beginning was to be a cool hero so he could easily pick up chicks. But in Shinso’s case, he didn’t work extremely hard to ensure his place in the hero course, especially when his quirk isn’t well suited for combat. Yes, I know that there are heroes with quirks that aren’t all powerful, BUT, what the others had most out of everyone else was a strong drive to fulfil whatever selfish or selfless goal they had in mind at the time. Obviously, everyone, including Shinso have gone through their fair share of character development, But, at that point in time, he just didn’t have the qualities to validate his entry into the hero course, BUT after the sports festival, as well as in the latest chapters, that has changed.

Despite his quirk, through hard work, he has finally managed to get into the hero course. Yes, he still has a long way to go before he could be on par with the other students in the hero course. No, he’s not going to be one of the top 10 pro heroes in Japan. But, he will be a great hero : )

Touya Todoroki will appear in the near future???

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As this awesome week comes to an end, just before the weekend goes into full swing, I want to take this time to talk about the Todoroki Family. Now we all agree that from all the families in the series, the Todoroki household is filled with a lot, and I mean a lot, of bad history, unfortunately. From Shoto’s mom getting locked up in a mental hospital, as a result of burning her son’s left eye with boiling hot water, to their son Touya running away from home to God knows where, which I find quite strange. I mean he is the son of the then Number two pro hero, so surely, his disappearance must’ve raised some eyebrows. But no, that didn’t happen. It’s obvious that the Todoroki family still needs to go through a lot of healing before they can finally correlate as a functioning family, but for that to happen, Touya needs to come back. For this discussion we’re going to assume that Dabi isn’t Touya. Even though there are some details in the story that point towards that conclusion, there hasn’t been any official news yet. So, here we go…

First off, at some point in the story, everyone in the Todoroki family, including Endeavor, have made efforts to go and visit their Mother Rei in her room at the mental hospital. As good as it seems that they’re all making an effort to sort their relationships out, the scars of the past are just too much of a burden for her to finally return. Even if her kids want her back, she’s still missing one person, and that’s Touya. Now, I don’t know what horrible thing happened that caused him to leave, but clearly, it’s not talked about at all in the family. As a mother, Rei won’t be able to find peace until all her children, including Touya, are back.

Second, as a father, and to make amends for his past sins, Endeavor needs Touya back into their family. Excluding Shoto, Endeavor viewed his children as “failed experiments”, unfit to carry out his grand plan of one day surpassing All Might. Him alienating his kids and depriving them of some, if not all, fatherly love, has caused a huge gap in their family. Currently, his daughter Fuyumi is all for the idea of finally bringing the family together as one, but his sons Shoto and Natsuo are still a bit pessimistic, when Endeavor finally decides to make amends for what he’s done on the past. For his redemption to be completed, Endeavor needs Touya to come back into the family and make amends for whatever bad thing he did to him that made him run away in the first place.

Thirdly, Touya is going to come back, not just because his family needs him, but because he also needs his family. Kids that grow up in stressful environments like Shoto and the others, always end up developing some sort of disorder or addiction. Excluding Touya, the rest of the family has had friends or family to help them bear the burden of all the trauma they endured growing up, but Touya has been by himself, as far as we know. Again, assuming that he isn’t Dabi, there’s no telling just what type of situation Touya is in. Without someone to keep him grounded, to prevent him from walking down the wrong path, he would lose his way. Touya needs that familial bond to be able to heal.

It’s hard to say just where Touya is right now, or what he’s doing, and we’ve gotten no information so far on his whereabouts or even if the police, or his family, are looking for him. But the truth is that if their family is ever going to be able to accept the past and move on, then he needs to come back.

Why Bakugou, Todoroki & Midoriya will be the future Big 3 at UA Academy

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Currently, we have about 6 months till season four is finally released! Now I know that’s still a long time for a lot of us, especially for those who haven’t read the manga and are just dying to see what’s coming, but bear with it. In the meantime, you could fill up that empty void by watching other anime. But while you’re here let’s talk about something important, and you can see from today’s title that I’m going to be talking about the future big three of UA Academy.

First, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of characters, given the right training, could grow up to become worthy of being the top three pupils of the school. You don’t necessarily have to have a super powerful quirk, neither do you have to be super intelligent. From what we’ve seen of the current big three, they’re strong, competent, level-headed but most of all hardworking, committed and willing to go the extra-mile to succeed. And that is what Bakugou, Todoroki and Midoriya have. Despite the few flaws that they have, regardless of the situation, they retain a level-head and go well beyond the norm, even if it means getting themselves roughed up, to win.

Second, their quirks are scalable. Now what I mean is that they’re able to do more than just attack and defend. For example, given the situation, Bakugou could use his explosions to launch himself up from the ground to whatever height he’s able to reach. Midoriya can deal long range attacks by sending huge gusts of wind when using 20% of his power, and Todoroki is able to create a safe pathway with his ice, depending on his surroundings though. Their quirks may not work in certain environments, but due to the experience they’ve gained and how quickly they learn, it’s a given that they’d be able to find a way to win.

Which brings me to my third reason, and that’s because of plot armour. Sure, all three of them have tremendous talent, and they’ve all worked hard to be able to push their quirks as far as they could go too their current level, but because of plot armour, the chances of them being usurped or beaten by everyone else, is very slim, unless there a new character to the story, or a really string villain. For those who’ve read the manga, just take a look at how much powerful Midoriya has become in regards to how much power he can draw from One For All, as well as his 6 new quirks, just look at how Todoroki has learned very quickly to control his fire to an extent where he can regulate the output of his fire, just look at Bakugou and see just how much his character has developed, physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m not saying that the other students haven’t grown as all, oh no.

Horikoshi would never isolate any one character from progress, regardless if they’re a side character. But the truth is side characters won’t ever outshine the main cast. Every now and then, they will have their moment, but for the purpose if the story, it will be short-lived. Despite how amazing many of the characters are and how much flair they bring to the story, in the end, the ones that will be standing at the top will be Midroiya, Bakugou & Todoroki.

Shigaraki isn’t the final villain!!

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Now I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Even though Shigaraki does have a lot of potential to become as menacing and powerful as AFO expects him to be, he’s still immature and lacking in a lot of experience. Even if he does grow up to become a force to be reckoned with, I doubt his Quirk: Decay will be more than enough to defeat all the powerful heroes that currently, and will exist in the near future. Yes, there’s more to being a villain than just brute strength. It takes wisdom, intelligence, an indominable will and a strong desire to see their goals through to the end no matter what. Which is why Shigaraki isn’t the final bad guy.

Firstly, we all know, from the time that he’s made his appearance, that he is prone to react rather than think things through. His emotional and mental state of mind can change for the worst, depending on the situation. His emotions get the better of him whenever he feels he is about to lose. Although having strong emotions can be a plus in battle, a final villain does not lash out. A final villain is calm, analytical, arrogant, self-assured, has a god-complex and most importantly, we know, just from their words and actions, that they mean serious business. At the moment, Shigrakai comes off as a child who throws tantrums whenever his plans don’t go the way he wants them to.

Secondly, despite how much growth he’s capable of, as stated by All For One, he ends up falling a bit short when compared to other villains such as Gigantomachia, Overhaul, and Obviously All For One. He doesn’t have the same level of competence as them. In an ever-changing hero society, a villain has to be on top of his game. With each generation, a new breed of quirks comes into existence. Which means a new batch of powerful and talented heroes to thwart their evil plans. Shigaraki, as far as we’ve seen, doesn’t have the same analytical abilities as All For One, neither does he posses a well-round quirk like Overhual, not even monster strength like Gigantomachia, and he doesn’t have the patience for it all just yet.

Thirdly, A villain is driven by one single goal. Most times, they go through some trauma in their childhood or adult life, that compel them towards the dark side, taking power into their own hands to change the world, and rule above all, in order to see the world they envision, come to a reality. We clearly saw this in All For One, although he didn’t conquer the world, just Japan. And we don’t really know what happened in his childhood to have made him want to be a villain, or maybe he was just a natural dickhead, who knows. Shigaraki though…is driven purely by destruction. Rather than someone who wants to bring about world peace on their terms, through questionable means, he wants to destroy just about anything and anyone who gets in his way, regardless of how valuable an ally they might be. Feel free to disprove me, you have every right to do so. These are just ny me theories that i stand by.

Shigaraki’s background is the story of an innocent, lost, misguided child turned evil. Someone so hellbent on the destruction of others that he’ll gladly sacrifice any and all who get in his way to the top. But despite all that, he’s still not a huge threat. Although he has changed a little, actually caring about whether his subordinates live or die, he’s still reckless, and has a very long way to go before he can be considered the greatest evil.

How Strong has the league of villains become???

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What I’m about to discuss is filled with spoilers. If you don’t want to know what’s coming, then i suggest you turn away right now

After reading the latest chapter, I couldn’t wait to share a few thoughts with you guys. Now this isn’t going to be a review, no. My focus today is going to be on the very last page, where we see Gigantomachia and the league of villains, involved in what seems to be some sort of training. Keep in mind that this training has occurred one month prior to the appearance of mysterious DETNERAT CO. and their secret liberation army. Honestly, it’s no surprise that we get to see the league, since their presence is needed in the new arc, because the leader of the Detnerat co. wants to destroy the league for some reason. But it’s got me thinking, during all this time that the league has been busy training, just how strong have they become?

Firstly, I previously mentioned in one of my previous blogs that Shigaraki might be doing some special training. At the time I didn’t take into consideration what the other members of the league might be up to, but it appears that they’re all involved in same training that Shigaraki is undergoing, with Gigantomachia as their trainer. I’ve also previously questioned the amount of power Gigantomachia has, and from the latest chapter, I believe we can all agree that he’s quite formidable, being able to take on the entire league without breaking a sweat, although I’m not surprised. Being one of the only few people at the moment who previously worked under All for One, you can bet that Gigantomachia is doing his part to make the league stronger than before, picking up from where All for One left off.

Secondly, since Gigantomachia has been training them rigorously for at least a month, as far as we know, I think it’s fair to say that they’ve probably grown considerably stronger under his tutelage. Now it’s still unclear just how strong each individual member has become, but it’s a fact that each and everyone of them still have a lot of room for growth physically and mentally, especially Shigaraki, as stated by All For One during their last encounter at Kamino ward. Now, we’ve seen just how much the heroes have grown in the latest couple of chapters, with regards to how powerful their quirks have gotten, to their abilities to be able to cooperate as a team to accomplish a goal. I assume the same level of development has been applied to the league.

Thirdly, as a team, the league didn’t exactly cooperate as efficiently as they had the potential to do so. Only focusing on power and intimidation, the league managed to lose valuable members such as Muscular, Moonfish, High-end, Mustard and unintentionally got All for One locked up. Had the league been able to cover their tracks, the heroes wouldn’t have found their hideout, All Might wouldn’t have shown up, and All For one would probably still be lurking in the shadows as always. Same applies to their attack on the UA students at USJ and the training camp. The league had incurred a bit more losses than the heroes did as the story progressed, and it was because of a few dozen high school students and a few pro heroes. If the league had spent that month, and all those other days improving their teamwork, and Shigaraki his leadership skills, as well s learning from their past mistakes, then they would most likely be able to handle themselves a lot more efficiently than before.

There’s still a lot to look forward to in the latest arc, filled with all new epic battles filled with thrill and emotion. What may transpire is still a mystery. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Midoriya’s Life if he remained Quirkless???

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Another day, another of my crazy speculations. And for todays post, I’m going to be talking about the main man himself, Izuku Midoriya, and how his life would’ve turned out if he never got One for All. It’s a reality that I’m happy doesn’t exist, but I’m curious enough to question Midoriya’s life if he remained quirkless.

Now…On many occasions, where his or someone else’s life was on the line, he has always jumped into the heat of battle. Even before he had a quirk, he charged in to save Bakugou when he was captured by that sludge villain in season 1, episode 2. He does posses very good analytical skills, good enough to be able to analyse a situation and his surroundings, as well as understand the workings of a person’s quirk to the extent that he can take advantage of them in some way that could change the outcome of a battle.

Despite his small frame, he is more than capable of outsmarting his opponents. Even though he overthinks a lot, more than often, it does pay off. Now looking back on that day that he met All Might for the very first time, if he hadn’t asked him whether it’s possible to be a hero without a quirk, even before that, if All Might never save him when he got captured by the sludge villain in the first place, where wold his life go from there?

First, given his habits and analytical skills, it’s possible that he could’ve grown up to work in law enforcement. But just what his position would be is unclear, but personally, I doubt he’d be working as a patrol or traffic cop. Most likely, given his love for super heroes and quirks, he would’ve been able to work in a department that specifically deals with crimes related to quirks.

Secondly, given his warm and loving personality, and how he’s able to empathize with almost anyone, especially children, with regards to his relationship with Eri and Kota, having saved the both of them from their own personal troubles. It’s possible that he could’ve gone on to become a kindergarten teacher for kids with quirks. Although teaching is a tough job, especially when those kids have quirks, you need a lot of patience. But loving the job, as well as the kids you’re supposed to educate, more than makes up for the stressful times, and Midoriya is by far the last person that would ever show any negativity to children.

And thirdly, he could’ve grown up and become as average as his mom and dad. So far, I’ve gone with scenario’s where he could’ve chosen to live out his life following his dreams through a different medium. In any case where you are unable to be a part of the world you dreamt of ever since you were a kid, it’s possible, like many, that he could’ve moved on from it, and lived a normal life. But like all people who choose this path, he would’ve grown up with feeling a bit empty for not being able to pursue his dreams, even though he had the heart for it, he just didn’t have any quirk.

Now bear in mind that there are plenty of other scenarios, such as Midoriya falling into a deep state of depression and eventually living a miserable life, or being a part of the mental and emotional upbringing of kids who also couldn’t achieve their dreams because their quirks weren’t good enough. There are other scenarios that exist at the moment, where Midoriya could’ve gone on to become a villain or a psycho due to repeated acts of bullying from his fellow classmates for being quirkless, but I wanted to talk about this from a general point of view. In any case, none of these realities will ever come to pass, thankfully. But one can always imagine what would’ve been, had the situation turned out differently.