Why Midoriya can beat Shigaraki

Howsit going BNHA Fam!

Now, just to clarify, I’m not saying that Midoriya can easily subdue Shigaraki. Although Midorya has improved a great deal throughout the series, he still has a long way to go before he’s ready to fight, and if need be, kill Shigaraki. Of course, both men have pushed their bodies to the limit, in order to achieve their goals, Midoriya more than Shigaraki. Then again, we haven’t really seen much action of the league of villains when they’re not attacking UA. But the question is, from the two of them, does Shigaraki really have what it takes right now to defeat Midoriya?

Firstly, in recent chapters, it has been revealed that Midoriya is now able to tap into the power of all the previous users of One for All. He’s already been able to tap into one of them, Black whip, with the addition of now being able to use, at max, 20% of his power. Shigaraki, at the moment, only has his one quirk, Decay. As dangerous as it would be if Midoriya came into contact with him, he is able to release long rang attacks that do deal a certain amount of damage, or at least enough to put Shigaraki in a really troublesome situation. But having a few more years of experience, Shigaraki would find a way to deal with it, although he has been known to throw tantrums if the situation wasn’t in his favour.

Secondly, in terms of combat experience, both have more than enough skill to deal with any run of the mill hero/villain. Having both faced their fair share of life and death situations. In terms of manoeuvrability, speed, and, Midoriya seems to have more than enough to be able to gain the upper hand against Shigaraki, with the help of One For All. Shigaraki is strong, even though his body seems a bit weak. But against One for All, which enhances the user’s strength and speed, Shigaraki would definitely have a problem dealing with Midoriya at the current level of power he is able to use right now.

Thirdly, when it comes too keeping a level head in the heat of battle, Midoriya has Shigaraki beat. Of course, when the chips are down, it all comes down to endurance, but if either of them lets their rage or fear get the better of them, then one of them will lose. Sometimes Midoriya overthinks situations, which get him beat up, depending on how string his opponent is, like in his fight with Muscular, who was just too string and fast to subdue. Sometimes Shigaraki lets his anger get the better of him when his plans don’t go as planned, being a man-child, as seen in his first fight with UA and later on when the pro heroes raid the leagues hideout. Both have their drawbacks, but the more calm, logical approach is much more efficient in defeating the enemy, as well as preserving your own and the life of those around you.

Sooner or later, both Midoriya and Shigaraki will duke it out, not sure when. It’s still not clear just how strong Shigaraki will become now that he has some help from the Doctor, but just as he gets stronger, overtime, so too will Midoriya, as he learns to truly master One for All and all the quirks that come with it, and when that time comes, who knows which of the two will be stronger.


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